GOTCHA's commitment for a sustainable and long-lasting future

Aiming at a development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own need, GOTCHA is actively involved in translating this typology of policy into its core value.

 As a brand and as a community we've always had a strong bond with nature and the environment, using our brand also as a means to promote ecological and more self-aware behaviours. 

It's all about the right balance between respecting the planet and its living beings, but not forgetting the rebellious and irreverent attitude of GOTCHA.

We recognize our role as leaders in the surfers and skaters community and we are committed to sustainable progress on a larger scale. 

That’s why we conceived a long-lasting strategy that’s in line with the safeguard of the environment and our workers' rights, focusing on ecological practices and innovative designs. It’s a consistent effort of turning sustainability commitments into pragmatic actions with responsible manufacturing practices, better fibre sourcing and reviewing our impacts. The goal of our environmental efforts is to ensure that our brand and its suppliers are in total ecological compliance and that any harmful impact on the environment is reduced.

 As individuals, we have the possibility to make better choices. As a community, the combination of our choices can lead to a real changeover. 

We’re engaged to give inspiration and provide valuable information to our peers, influencing the fashion system and especially the outdoor sports background. 

We understand that the apparel industry has a tremendous impact on the environment. As a brand that plays an active role in the system, it’s on us to do everything we can to design and create our products in a manner that still respects our planet.